Cloud Benchmarking Allows You to Compare Yourself to Your Peers

Go Ahead, Start the Gloating

How you ever compared yourself to your peers? It might be a kind of guilty pleasure for some people, but it’s not always a bad thing. In fact, Apptio is now encouraging it. Their new cloud-based system not only helps IT enterprises measure their IT costs, but also allows them to compare against their industry peers. 

How Does It Work?

Anthony Savvas explains that the system uses a combination of third-party benchmarking data from more than 3,000 organizations and its own customer service data. Customers can make comparisons based on direct annual cost or an ongoing comparison. Calculating the true cost of owning IT assets and delivering services can be a difficult thing to figure out, but Apptio counts on isolated numbers taking on a new meaning when compared with others in the industry. Read the full article at:

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