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9 Original Metrics for a Healthy Company Culture

Companywide job satisfaction is one of the best indicators of a company’s health, but static questionnaires are seldom a good way to get a grasp on it. Liz Ryan writes for Forbes with better solutions. She has nine tips that more directly and creatively get at the heart of company culture.

The Measures of a Robust Organization

  1. Employee referrals
  2. Internal transfers
  3. Rehires
  4. Hotline activity
  5. Employee assistance program (EAP) usage
  6. Parking lot at closing time
  7. Speaking engagements
  8. Leads from employees
  9. Turnover

You (ideally) already know that your employees are great, so you should be trusting them and their judgement to bring more people into the company. A healthy measure is for at least 25 percent of new hires to be employee referrals. Likewise, internal transfers are great too, because it shows there is a lot of room to move and grow in the organization. It would behoove you to treat employees who leave the company like they are still part of the family too, because any number of them might want to return someday. Other employees will be happy to see old employees return as well, because it shows you have a culture that does not burn bridges. Just try to keep turnover under seven or eight percent on average.

Regarding the fourth item, a confidential hotline can be the difference between handling a delicate issue quietly and having a lawsuit on your hands. Keep this vital channel of communication open. On a related note, EAP programs are practically mandatory for large companies, so that employees can receive confidential financial, legal, and psychological advice. It shows you legitimately care for employee well-being. Taking a look at your parking lot at closing time can serve the same purpose. If the parking lot is still packed at 6:00 p.m., employees are probably working too hard, and their work is likely suffering for it.

About speaking engagements, Ryan writes:

Your employees are hands-down the best evangelists for your brand. When you’ve got dozens of people from your organization out on the conference circuit spreading the gospel, you’re building a community of followers and fans that will take you to a higher level of brand awareness…Teach your employees (the ones who are interested) in public speaking and set them free to send your message far and wide!

Obviously, if your employees can bring in leads by themselves, then that is a valuable statistic to know, and you should treat these leads as high priorities. For further depth, you can read the original article here:

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