Attract Clients Now: 5 Characteristics of Performance Benchmarking

A strong value proposition can bridge a lot of gaps in introducing new customers. Paul Collins writes for RainToday with five ways that performance benchmarking can create the most attractive possible value proposition. Once you follow these tips, businesses will be pounding at your door looking to work with you.

The Characteristics That Bring Value

  1. Demonstrability
  2. Well-packaged expertise
  3. Change and performance tracking
  4. Comparability
  5. Value measurability

First of all, whatever it is your business does and whatever value it provides, you need to put it all online in a professional and enticing format. Anybody should be able to glance at it and understand what your business brings to the table. This becomes a reusable tool for selling to potential customers. This likewise feeds into the discussion of well-packaged expertise:

[Y]ou can show your clients that your wealth of expertise has been organised into a cohesive and structured diagnostic that embraces all of the issues they face in the form of a certain number of topics, questions, and answers. It helps them to clearly see how good or bad their performance is on all counts within a one- or two-day workshop moderated by you. This entices your clients into an initial, low- or no-cost engagement that enables you to show the calibre of your knowledge and expertise.

The real benchmarking gets started with the change and performance tracking that follows the first workshop with a client. It is after this initial overview that you need to prioritize improvement actions and enable clients to use your benchmarking tool. The more they adjust their actions to become more agreeable with the scores your tool feeds, the more entrenched into your business they will become. Collins recommends positioning scores so that they correspond to incremental number values.

What will eventually happen is that you have enough customers that you can compare how they all stand up to each other graphically, likely in anonymous terms. This wealth of data, while useful for customers, also speaks loudly for the depth of experience your business has, doubling the advantages.

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