5 Metrics to Measure Your Industry’s Engagement Level

Is your industry not involved in social media? Wrong, every industry is involved to some extent, willingly or otherwise. Sofie De Beule writes a post examining five metrics that will help you learn how engaged your industry is with its customers.

Metrics of Connection

  1. Number of posts by profile
  2. Number of replies
  3. Response time
  4. Type of replies
  5. Sentiment

You want to begin by identifying top brands and major competition in your industry and monitoring them. Select all the platforms that apply, like Twitter and Facebook, to your investigation in engagement. The first metric is number of posts by profile, which asks how many tweets or updates competition is making on a given platform on a daily basis. Second comes number of replies, which is how often a company responds to all the mentions of their name. Being a large business that gets frequently mentioned requires an actual engagement strategy in order to keep up.

Response time is self-explanatory but increasingly vital. This is the age of instant gratification, so the faster people receive responses to their inquiries, complaints, or even praise, the better. About type of reply, De Beule writes:

Take a sample of around 50 replies and analyze the level of ‘originality’ for each competitor or top brand in your industry. How exactly are they responding? What is their tone of voice? How much time and effort do they invest into how they respond? Determine what really sets each brand apart, and come up with a way to create your own, unique tone of voice. Bear in mind what the industry standards are.

Sentiment finally is how you categorize the sorts of interactions that occur on social media, which is necessarily subjective. This is when you plainly decide if the sentiment is positive, negative, or neutral. When you combine these five metrics and put them into perspective, you will get a hold on where your industry stands. Then you can build your war strategy.

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