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Can You Define Data Center ROI through Big Data?

IT has always been one of the most nebulous areas of business in which to demonstrate ROI, but not for lack of trying. CIOs are constantly trying to convey the value of IT. Vendors delight in handing out a breakdown of how their products will pay out an IT ROI. Nonetheless, as a 2014 Gartner report noted, “poor IT data quality is the reason why 40% of corporate initiatives [fail],” demonstrating that the numbers we claim as ROI might be indicative of something else entirely. Mary Shacklett writes for TechRepublic about how big data might draw up a more concrete map between IT efforts and value creation.

Better Data Processing

What prevents IT from having and enjoying the most complete picture of information are IT silos. Many functions that probably should be tied together instead proceed down their own narrow, individual paths. A real ROI formula will connect the dots between these various aspects, like “network and security operating statistics, CPU and storage utilization, Internet of Things (IoT) and web data,” among others. Gary Oliver, CEO of Blazent, employs a five-step process for managing data, which begins with breaking down all IT data to a fundamental level. Layers of identity management, relationship analysis, purification, and historicity are then applied to it:

How does this consolidated data work in practice? Oliver cites three real-world examples: a financial services company found that 300 of its data center servers were not regularly being backed up; a services provider discovered that an entire floor of its data center that was being used by a client was not getting billed; and a large financial services company learned that an outage cost $60 million a minute as a result of bad data in a change management process.

It pays to see where the data is going. Just make sure the data is paying you. You can read the original article here:

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