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5 Steps to Using Data to Create More Productive Teams

How much of a given work week is spent doing things that do not really further project or business goals? Too much, and Asha Saxena writes for Entrepreneur with ways that data tracking can weed out these inefficiencies. Done properly, it will not feel like a nuisance, and it will even unlock additional work hours that used to be tied up in trivial tasks.

Five Steps to Efficiency

  1. Set the numbers, but don’t freak out your employees.
  2. Choose a tool as a team, and install it.
  3. Monitor many variables at once.
  4. Test, evaluate, and repeat.
  5. Promote healthy balance.

In the beginning, you want to establish the quantitative objectives you would like individual employees to hit, and you should do so without it feeling like you are spying on them. Get the point across that metrics are being implemented to help the business, not punish the individual. Next, you need to select a tool that tracks the data and visualizes it for easy digestion by a team. Saxena describes this as the tool providing “biofeedback,” in that it allows teammates to adapt quickly and organically to what the displays are showing. The right platform will allow you to track a wide range of metrics at once, so that you can compare employee data to, for instance, marketing data from a Facebook campaign.

About testing and evaluating the new data-driven infrastructure, Saxena writes:

After you’ve had this new system in place for a quarter, analyze its progress. Then, see whether it has saved you time. Are your employees improving in their roles? Do you feel better equipped and less rushed? Are any other problems emerging? Make this a regular review, and plot it into dashboards and diaries so everybody can easily see it’s coming up.

The end result should be less exhausted, more empowered employees, who have more time to get important things done. You can read the original article here:

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