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How Will AI Change Software Testing?

Sure, a rogue AI might accidentally annihilate humanity eventually, but the time in-between then and now is looking pretty rosy. Particularly, AI might have some unique and positive effects on software testing. In an article for TechBeacon, Paul Merrill discusses some of the things we can expect to see in the near future.

The Future Is Almost Now

Obviously, the tools used to test software will change. AI will take care of selecting and managing systems under test, as the cited example. But another interesting quirk of AI is that the problems it solves will not be deterministic:

Moshe Milman and Adam Carmi, co-founders of Applitools, which makes an application meant to “enhance tests with AI-powered visual verifications,” say there will be “a range of possible outcomes. A test engineer would need to run a test many times and make sure that statistically the conclusion is correct. The test infrastructure would need to support learning expected test results from the same data that trains the decision-making AI.”

Right now, a program called ReTest is in beta that can generate test cases for Java Swing applications. This and other products in the works are aiming to cut out the mechanical drudge of testing. In fact, Merrill and others with whom he talks believe that human testers may eventually become redundant altogether. This, needless to say, has upsides and downsides. But much like the annihilation of humanity, it is still a ways away.

For more examples of how businesses are pioneering AI use in software testing, you can view the original article here:

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