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Changing the Definition of Software Testing in the AI Era

AI is going to streamline—yet also turn on its head—much of what we know about software development. Software testing especially will become a whole new beast. In an article for CIO magazine, Kumar Srivastava discusses several areas where AI will bring change to business as usual.

Artificial Difficulty

For one thing, the point of functional testing will become to meet business criteria. AI will understand business logic, principles, and restraints and ensure that the software abides by them. Another change to be mindful of involves training bias and assumption validation:

An extremely significant impact of the introduction of AI into software development is from any biases and assumptions made in the training data set. Such biases and assumptions can have a dangerous and unexpected impact on the behavior of the software, putting user, customer and employee satisfaction in jeopardy and potentially hurting the enterprise financially and/or through a hit on brand reputation. The testing discipline has to evolve to look out for such biases and assumptions in the training data set and alert the product development team to protect the enterprise from potentially severe ramifications.

Srivastava has several other compelling insights, but frankly, his insights are so high-level that to summarize them here would wash out all of the interesting parts. So instead, I encourage you to carry on reading into the full article here:

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