3 Tips for IT Leaders to Attain Success

For a CIO, leadership skills are as essential as technological. It not only helps in delivering quality work on time, but it may also aid in establishing right connection with the staff and bring out the best in them.

In this article at TechBeacon, CTO and CIO of OC Tanner, Niel Nickolaisen shares his views on establishing and improving your IT leadership skills.

The New Wave of Change

  1. Standardize activities: The author suggests two tips for it. One is to gain a competitive edge in the market by outperforming other leaders in innovative and creative tasks. While the other way is not to waste time pioneering in processes and activities that are crucial for businesses but require no innovation. The leaders should know when to showcase innovation and adopt the best practices conceived by others.
  2. Adopt best practices: Focus on innovating in areas that may help in making your organization the best. Plan it by discussing it with your executive and leadership teams about the things they can do better to create competitive advantage. Also, find the reason that brings customers to your doorstep. Doing this at the beginning will help you align the project’s design goals and get you operational excellence.
  3. Make the best workplace: The primary role of leaders is to attract and retain talented people in the team. This is possible only when they create a great work culture as only the best talent ensures quality work. Great leaders extend trust and avoid control over the teams. They can challenge them while overlooking their mistakes. Also, they must focus on the team’s result and not the method.

Due to the growth of digitization, technology has become soul of companies and helps in creating right marketing possibilities. This has created a shift in roles and responsibilities for the IT leaders too.

The IT leaders are not just expected to support the IT function, but they also need to lead the product, service, and process innovation. To read the author’s elaborate version, follow the weblink below:

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