Design Your Success Metrics in 3 Easy Steps

The purpose of designing success metrics is to sensibly start taking steps towards a focused direction. Therefore, it should be designed in a bid to provide value for the project from the beginning.

In this article at, Joelle K. Jay suggests performance as the deriving force for advancement on which growth of a company depends. She says, once you are clear with your vision to attain success, you can see favorable results.

Access Your Success Metrics

  1. You are the best judge of where you are and where you want to reach. Your performance will be judged by your boss and stakeholders to whom you are liable to deliver quality results. Dig deep to find answers to your level of performance as most of the company promote their employees on their performance throughout the year. It will also help you unravel your potential and might open new avenues of opportunities for you.
  2. Rate your success in the areas of sales results, employee engagement in your department, client or employee satisfaction rate, and above all, overall impact your team makes on the company market share. Also, measure your performance as per the contribution you made to high-stakes projects and your ability to form a high-performing team. However, if you score well in all these areas, focus on the bigger picture. See if you are fit for a bigger role than this. Prepare for it and in case you have already mastered skills for it, try to fill the gap (if any) to keep yourself future-ready.
  3. Only a focused person can attain success. This means, be clear with your next goal and never lose sight of it. Advocate your performance if needed, brag about it where you think you have outperformed. Sometimes you need to showcase your work in a bid to gain attention of the management and earn the desired credits for it. After all, who in effort without a purpose?

Joelle is an executive coach specializing in leadership development. She works with presidents, vice presidents, and c-level executives in Fortune 500 companies.

The author shared her opinion on climbing the ladder of success with utmost precision, self-analysis, focus, and advancement. To read the full article, follow the link below:


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