The Need for Restructuring HR Business Partner Role

Gradual shift in requirements bring new challenges to the organizations as well as demanding tasks for HR leaders. Even though the HRs are adaptable to the contemporary business evolution, they also need to manage the human capital, support the overall targets and strategize on the key business elements.

To attain them all, they need to constantly upgrade their competency level. In this article at McKinsey&Company, Neel Gandhi and Sarah Pobereskin suggests restructuring of HR business partner (HRBP) roles that can bring better development at the work front.

Introduction to New Roles 

  1. Mostly HRBPs are dragged into operations alongside their core strategic role. If you eliminate operations from their desk, they could give complete attention to the strategy formation.
  2. The HRBPs will generate real business if they drive talent initiatives. Instead of exhausting all their effort in personnel manager’s task, let them take some call over credible talent decisions of the organization. They must be held responsible for the talent outcomes.
  3. The HRBPs should blend talent, business and financial experience to bring out much better outcomes for the business. They must influence other managers by their managerial and business skills.
  4. The HRBP role demands tough effort to shift mindsets and capabilities among both HR leaders and the business leaders. However, their potential is beneficial to increase organization’s talent assets.

Gradually, the HR business partnering has gained much limelight as organizations have become people-focused. The author sees HR business partners as part of a successful modern HR function and shares detailed insight about HRBP role. To read the same, follow the weblink below:

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