Tips to Enhance Productivity of Data Scientists

Do you know the importance of data scientists in an organization? How efficiently do you manage them? Do you focus on a data science program? How well placed you think your data scientists are? To answer all these questions, you need to know the trick of managing data scientists well.

In this article at Harward Business Review, President of Data Quality Solutions, Thomas C. Redman explains ways to enhance productivity of data scientists to scale up the success rate.

Bring Out the Best

  1. Everything will be right if you take the first step right. Therefore, decide the role of your data scientists right to help them contribute in right direction. Instead of hiring them in bulk without defining their roles clearly, explain them your needs and expectations with the role. Also ensure you place them at the right place and help them grab the exiting opportunities.
  2. Next, involve data scientists into your business to help them understand how things work. They should be self-motivated to scale up their capabilities and skills to suffice the core requirement of your organization.
  3. Like any other profession, even data scientists are accountable for bringing quality results to customers that will directly impact the business growth. This clearly means keeping a close watch over their work, right from the beginning, is essential as any wrong step leads to damage.
  4. At last, the data scientists should be trained not to leave anything undone. The data scientists are placed to spot glitches in the company data and they must be encouraged to keep track of follow ups. Since the data scientists are highly paid, they must contribute in much better operations, customer insights, and revenue growth.

Ultimately, placing the data scientists at the right spot can only bring expected results. Quoting his personal experience with AT&T, the author clarifies how data scientists can take the business to new heights. To read the full article, follow the link below:

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