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Are You Making These 5 Marketing Metrics Blunders?

Marketing is a competitive field and you must have metrics to measure your performance on a regular basis. You will find quite a lot of information just searching online. If you are starting out, it can be a bit too much. So, instead of focusing on what you must do, refer the not-to-do list. In this article at Virginia Formed Business, Matthew A. Brennan, III discusses what blunders you should not be making while drawing up a strategy.

5 Marketing Metrics Activities to Avoid

You might be doing hundreds of things for marketing, yet the results are not satisfactory. Though online knowledge hubs tell you about how to get results, they do not have solutions for an apple that has already turned sour. Moreover, you do not want to realize that the campaign is failing at the eleventh hour. The author has drawn up a list of things you should not do to have an effective marketing metrics strategy.

  1. Be Activity-Oriented: It is not easy to track marketing results as most of it is reflected in other departments, like sales. Instead of convincing clients about the distributed results, trace the activities that are related to marketing.
  2. Find Tangible Metrics: A list of Facebook likes or new sign-ups through emails cannot be considered as tangible results. Find out activities that you can measure.
  3. Quality Over Quantity: Lead generation is part of your marketing process. Worry about quality leads rather than accumulating misleading ones.
  4. Efficiency Drives Business: Having a great online presence is not equivalent to getting more customers. Same goes for conferences or workshops. Instead of counting the number of attendees, check how many are interested in knowing the details of your product or services.
  5. Show Them the Numbers: As told earlier, sponsors are more interested in tangible benefits. So, show them the real figures instead of how many twitter followers your campaign accrued.

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