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Is Your Privacy Safe with Software Vendors?

Everything you do now goes to the cloud. Whether you save trip photos in Dropbox, ping on WhatsApp, like on Facebook, or save an official document in OneDrive, all data are stored in the cloud. This data can also be accessed, tracked, and used for a good cause or otherwise. To sum it up, it is both easy and scary. So, it is necessary that software vendors protect your privacy online. In this article at Journyx, Curt Finch describes the steps software companies take to ensure your confidentiality is intact on the net.

Ways to Ensure Privacy

With the sheer volume of documentation happening every day, it is only reasonable to have an online repository. You simply need to access the data and share them irrespective of time zones, locations, or organizations. However, this flexibility can be used by hackers to gain access to confidential data. So, the cloud service providers must be aware of all the guidelines to keep your information safe.

Global Regulations

There is a multitude of rules and regulations that software vendors must comply with. GDPR is going to add to that list. They must protect your data and prove that the actions taken are in accordance with these regulations.

Notifying You When a Breach Happens

The software vendors have security teams that manage and control access and activities happening in your accounts. They have checklists and workflows planned out for threat detection and incident management. Based on the plan and outline, their approach in notifying you about a breach varies.

Creating Internal Firewalls

Target lost 100 million credit cards because it did not have internal firewalls to protect departments once the main one was breached. Companies like NSA, the Federal Reserve Bank, the IRS, JP Morgan, etc. also went through significant losses as they had no internal firewall. To control or minimize damage, your software vendors must supply you with data barriers protecting the core.

Continuing to Serve Despite Disruptions

Natural disasters can cause your server firewall to undergo a downtime. This would be ideal for hackers to sweep into the main system and access your critical data. The software service providers must have a disaster management plan ready for departments like sales, marketing, accounting, IT, cloud services, consulting, etc.

A Go-Getter Culture

You know you are in safe hands when the associated software companies have a culture of cross-functional learning and inculcate a go-getter attitude in employees. All have a basic idea of services they are delivering and are prompt with your requests.

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