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How IT Benchmarking Can Improve Your Transformation Efforts

IT benchmarking provides valuable insight into your business efforts. The collection of categorized data allows you to analyze and guide in your decision-making process. When you have a set of comparative data from the competitors, it becomes easier to improve processes as well. You can decide, based on market trends, if you should invest resources, efforts, infrastructure, and capital in a new venture. In this article at BMC, Stephen Watts comes up with 3 IT benchmarking metrics that can improve your business transformation efforts.

IT Benchmarking Efforts That Improve Businesses

To transform your business and regulate processes as per industry standards, gather benchmarks that are applicable. The following business metrics will give a holistic view of your company’s position in the market.

  1. Aptitude for Transformation: A BMC study revealed that 56 percent of senior IT managers reported having experienced significant changes in IT processes. On the other hand, 13 percent see no transformation taking place in their organizations. Implement this benchmarking metric to know which camp you belong to. If by introducing new technologies you receive resistance from employees, your company should undergo a cultural change to recognize IT transformation reality.
  2. Repercussions and Downtimes: Though IT is undergoing digital transformation in almost every sphere, it is still in its initial stage. There are bound to be some challenges and downtimes in the original setup. This benchmarking metric shows how common these challenges are worldwide and how you can manage the setbacks. 50 percent of the respondents in the study remarked they need more training sessions to match up to the pace of the ongoing IT transformation. You can draw up their examples to claim more resources and investment capital for employee training.
  3. Balance Between Maintenance and Innovation: Collect data to understand how much time and money is spent on the upkeep of the existing technologies. Also, track down employee efforts in innovation and digital initiatives. IT organizations spend 26 to 50 percent of their budgets in allocating resources to maintenance activities. Though it is important to cater to your current infrastructure, you need to invest efforts in innovation as well. Find out how industry leaders are making the right balance between their current and future technologies. Once you succeed in this endeavor, it will be a turning point for your business.

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