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Is Your Company Doing a Sustainable Business? 5 Ways to Check Out

A sustainable business is the need of the hour with rising number of cyclones, melting permafrost, and receding water level. This actually shows we are not doing a lot for our future. In this article at ASK-EHS, know if your company is doing a sustainable business with these 5 KPIs.

Sustainable Business: 5 Measuring KPIs

The following KPIs will raise questions about how we were living all this time without measuring them. These can help you comply with regulations as regards to air, water, waste, energy, and other pressing causes. Since more companies are bringing out reports on their sustainable business dealings, there are software solutions to help you out. These initiatives also reduce cost which further increases the probability of companies being socially responsible. As such, UN has advised companies to reach 17 sustainable business developments by 2030.

  1. Water Management and Pollution: This KPI will let you know how much you are using, wasting, and polluting available water.
  2. Greenhouse Gases: This KPI is the major point of concern for core industries. Moreover, the vehicles that you use for the company also add to your carbon footprint.
  3. Generating Waste: Organizations are producing an enormous amount of waste daily. Sometimes, they are spending more time, energy, and money in managing the various types of waste products.
  4. Employee Health and Safety Standards: To have a sustainable business, you must take care of the environment in which your employees work. Identify and diffuse safety hazards early, ensure the employees are following safety standards, and monitor your company standards regularly. These are signs that you are maintaining healthy safety measures.
  5. Training Employees: For a sustainable business, you must train the employees frequently to keep them updated on the modern way of working. This will align them with your company goals more instead of being a burden.

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