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Smart Ways to Get Your Online Venture Off the Ground

Customers never invest in the brands they don’t trust. Inappropriately, sales people define selling as the art of persuading or convincing customers. However, in online business, your job is not just to convince, but also to win trust to ensure customers revisit on your website.

In this article at Harvard Business Review, Dorie Clark shares three strategies she explored while searching for her book ‘Entrepreneurial You’. The author is confident that following these three impactful side gigs would be beneficial for people who are serious about their online ventures.

Treble Gigs

  1. Today, customers are well-informed, and they are willing to pay for only that piece of information which is unavailable. The trick here is to be upfront with your audience. Share the unknown part of information with them to maintain transparency and win their trust.

Drawing on the famous blogger and podcaster Pat Flynn’s experience during his initial days, the author explains how this blogger shared all the marketing related information with his readers, for free helped him pioneer the art of making money out of already disclosed information. This is the power of customer relationship.

  1. Online customer reconnects with trusted brands only. So, the next trick is to establish to create relationships with those brands that have already established a good reputation online.

More the Merrier

The author shares another instance of Derek Halpern who has launched a gossip site in 2006 and another marketing and psychology website five years later. To bring serious traction for his website, Halpern tried to gain attention of already established bloggers in the market by offering them free website marketing advices in the form of video calls.

The bloggers were asked to record the video calls and post them on their blogs if it helped them. This way, Halpern gained attention of renowned bloggers and their online followers. In a span of three months, he got over ten thousand email subscribers via videos and is still gaining traction from it.

  1. The third trick is to create small sub-products or pilot offerings of your online venture at a lesser price as comparative to the actual cost of your main product or service.

Citing yet another example of a Montreal-based businessman Danny Iny, the author explains how launching his first online course did not give him much accolades. Iny then offered slots for the same program to a limited number of customers in his list. These people were given access to the course at a lesser price for giving their feedback in exchange.

Click on the following link to read the details of the historic marketing ideas quoted by the author:

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