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4 Quick Tips to Measure Test Automation Performance

Test automation lowers your downtime and enables human resource productivity. To choose metrics for its performance, you must think in terms of the company, industry, and environment. In this article at Zephyr, Hamesh Chawla prescribes 4 metrics to measure your test automation performance.

Test Automation Metrics

Choose the type of test automation you require based on the testing pyramid. Unit or components tests are the least costly while the manual tests need more supervision. The complexity of Acceptance and GUI integration tests is less in comparison. Once you have narrowed down the test types, choose the metrics that would give you the accurate results. Following are the 4 popular metrics to measure test automation performance:

Requirements Coverage:

This metric helps you understand if the software quality is as per the business and project requirements. Divide the number of requirements by the total number of requirements scope in sprints, release, or project. Have a WIP limit at the initiation phase that developers agree upon to avoid backlogs piling up.

Defect Distribution:

The reason test automation is gaining traction is that it is allowing you to fix bugs without losing resource hours. This test automation metric throws light on the defects your project is burdened with. These defects should decrease as the project progresses, or else you need to focus more on them.

Defect Open and Close Rate:

You must know the accurate number of defects. To measure this, divide the number of defects you found after delivery by the ones you caught before. This metric prevents any critical issues from coming up in the final product. Not only that but it also shows if your developers and testers are improving their collaboration techniques to resolve the issues.

Execution Trends:

This quality analysis metric displays how many tests the QA team has performed and the defect trends. You can measure the performance of an individual teammate as well as the entire team with this.

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