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Insights on Content Marketing from a Recent Benchmarking Report

Content marketing has always shouldered the key responsibilities of online brand promotions. Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs’ report “2019 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends” has interesting perceptions on current trends. In this article at DivvyHQ, Brody Dorland shares the insights on content marketing from this recent benchmarking report.

Content Marketing Insights

Companies are constantly striving to get leads online, especially in the B2B domain. Following are the insights on content marketing that you can leverage from:

Customer Is the King: You must focus your content marketing based on the audience. They must derive value from your content. Only then can you aim for customer loyalty. As per the report, 90% of the companies have been successful with their content marketing campaign by providing relevant content to customers. Only 58% that focused on sales or promotional message succeeded to win hearts. 77% of B2B campaigners were successful in hitting the right chord by building audience personas. To understand customers better, 74% have gathered feedback from the sales team and 42% from customers themselves. Tamsen Webster has explained how sincere connections engage the audience in the first episode of BIG Simple webinar series.

Success Is Congruent to Marketing Maturity: Participating organizations rated their content marketing strategies as adolescent or mature. However, 49% of the respondents with higher maturity were more successful than 13% of adolescent teams. If the marketing team has just created a business case, achieved some initial success, and has room to improve, it is still adolescent. If you already have an successful team but is yet to integrate with the organization, you have achieved maturity.

Differentiating Tools: The survey asked B2B respondents about the tools that improved their content marketing game. 88% found success with analytics tools as against 64% of the respondents. 63% achieved great results utilizing marketing automation systems as opposed to 39% of the organizations. 62% found workflow or project management calendaring tool helpful as against 37% of the participants. The report establishes that the right tools can make a big difference to content marketing strategy.

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