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5 Ways to Improve Recruitment Process Results This Year

You can hire the best candidates when you have data to measure results in the recruitment process. Moreover, as per LinkedIn’s Global Recruitment Trends in 2019, “Data is winning over Talent Professionals.” In this article at Bee Talents, Maciej Mazurek discusses 5 metrics to help analyze the recruitment process this year.

Decision-Making in the Recruitment Process

Recruiting was done more through observations before. With data available so readily today, it is sensible to leverage that information for the recruitment process. Following are the 5 metrics to improve the recruitment process results this year:

Time Spend of Repeated Tasks: While recruiters can screen and hire top talents, you can automate repetitive tasks like scheduling and administrative assignments. This metric lets you understand if you should hire another recruiter or automate processes.

The rate of Conversion: This metric tells you how many calls you must make to hire a candidate. The results help resource sourcers understand their role and effort efficiency better in the recruitment process.

Customer Effort Score: Companies collaborate with recruiting agencies to smoothen the process and unburden hiring managers. The lower the CES metric, the happier your hiring managers and hired candidates are.

Drop Candidate Percentage: If candidates do not work on the tests need to gauge capabilities, they did not find your offerings impressive. Sometimes, they leave after joining the company. If you observe a spike in the offer letter rejection or voluntary dropout numbers, investigate recruitment process and associated members.

Cost Per Hire: This metric helps you the most in understanding your efforts in the recruitment process. For example, you will know the reason for continued vacancies even when you have sourced several. You might be wasting budget and time by not parsing candidates well or conducting multiple interviews.

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