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5 Ways to Track If Your Instagram Handle Is Working

As per an annual Buffer report, 80.9 percent of businesses use Instagram for product promotion and brand popularity. Undeniably, it is one of the powerful social media platforms to increase your customer base. In this article at Social Insider, Adina Jipa discusses 5 ways to track if your Instagram handle is working.

Tracking Instagram Performance

Be it launching a new product or spreading awareness about an event, Instagram is the go-to platform for companies. To get better responses, you must find out if you are giving the right audience the right content. Following are the 5 ways to track if your Instagram handle is working:

Engagement Rate: Track the comments, likes, and shares of the Instagram handle to understand the engagement rate. Use the following formula to calculate this metric:

Engagement Rate = [(Likes + Comments) / Total No. of Followers] x 100

Reach Percentage: This tells you how far your Instagram posts, stories, or advertisements have reached. Access the Instagram Insights and go to Discovery module to realize the extent of your brand awareness. You can also use the following formula to calculate this metric:

Reach Rate = [Reach / Total No. of Followers] x 100

Stories Retention Rates: Though it is the toughest metric to calculate, it the most productive one. If you create content that sparks interests in your potential audience, they will stay on your page till the end. Track down each story individually to evaluate and identify trends. Calculate taps forward, taps back, replies, and exits. Too many taps forward mean your video or story is not compelling. However, if the viewers tap back to previous content, you have captured their interest. Use Stories stickers to get better replies. Exits show the number of people that left the story without completing it.

Traffic and Sales of Products: The purpose of your Instagram handle is to improve traffic and sales. Utilize metrics for shoppable posts and stories to create content that the audience likes.

Demographics of Interested Audience: Find out the age, interest levels, and geographical location of your audience and target content based on that. To find out the demographics data, access Instagram Insights and then click on the Audience tab. You will know the cities, countries, and gender that are accessing your Instagram content.

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