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Pick the Right Metrics to Monitor Live Chat

Live chat is nothing extraordinary but somewhat similar to a phone call. However, what you may achieve by measuring live chat is fundamentally not too different from the channel in the contact centre.

In this article at Callcentre Helper, Paul Weald suggests three main groups of metrics that can be used to monitor live chat—real-time, historical, and customer metrics.

The Trade Beliefs

While introducing a live chat, think of the piece of information you want to mirror, be it to improve performance or resource allocation. The three metric groups highlighted above can have the most significant impact on channelizing live chat while monitoring them. Let’s take a look:

  1. Real-Time Metrics: It provides an instant view of the present demand of the contact centre. This metric is essential for two separate groups of people— team leads or managers and workforce management (WFM). However, it is dubious if the real-time metrics should be accessible on advisor dashboards and wallboards or not.
  2. Historical Metrics: This metric is vital for the WFM team which is liable to provide historical data that improves future forecasts. There is a range of key historical metrics like chat engagement, forecast accuracy, average handle time, and abandon rate to track and increase revenue. Live chat has great value in generating business through assisted sales and historical metrics keep a close watch over it.
  3. Customer Metrics: This metric helps in monitoring the efficiency and quality of customer–advisor interactions. It is the positive scores and feedback that appear on an advisor dashboard ensuring if the customers are satisfied with the service they receive or not. To measure customer satisfaction, roll out a survey as soon as the live chat is over, perhaps by sending an interaction link at the end of it. It will help in gathering a minimum 30 percent response from the customers which is way too higher than the response rate on voice and email channels.

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