App Benchmarking: An Essential Guide to Stay Ahead in the Game

App benchmarking compares the performance of your digital product with other competitive products in the market. The beneficial side is, you would always have the upper hand. In this article at StarDust, know how app benchmarking is an essential guide to stay ahead in the game.

Benefitting from App Benchmarking

There are multiple reasons to opt for app benchmarking. Even if you are not, your customers are constantly comparing and picking only the best in the market. Benchmarking your app will help you keep your consumers loyal. Following are the advantages you will experience by performing app benchmarking:

Ideation: With app benchmarking, you can understand the areas your competitors are ahead of you. You can take those ideas and create something better to become the market leader. As Pablo Picasso says, “Good artists copy, but great artists steal.”

Areas to Explore: While comparing the results in app benchmarking, you will find out features that customers are using less. They either have less use of those or do not know their usage. Maximize on this to come up with a solution that competitors are yet to explore.

Realistic Insight: Being associated with a product can make you biased. App benchmarking introduces objectivity and helps increase your product quality eventually.

Steps to Gaining Insight:

App Selection: Select the apps you want to benchmark. You can compare those with apps that offer the same features to the consumers. Understand which apps are popular and the reason behind their widespread use. You can also figure out apps that appear similar but provide other services as well.

Measurable Areas: App benchmarking can measure any area you want. From the user-friendly interface, app performance, time of loading, features, customer service to personalization ability, you can measure it all. Find out offline capabilities, searchability, integration with social media, ad frequency, localization capacity, model, innovation, and pricing.

Rating Each Parameter: Have a rating scale for all areas you want to measure. Quantitative app benchmarking gives you realistic insights into your app performance. Qualitative analysis will give you the overall performance of your app.

Analysis: When you get the actual results from app benchmarking, you understand the gaps that you need to address. For untapped areas, introduce new features.

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