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Email Marketing: Uncover 5 Ways to Achieve Success

Those who are facing the brunt of rough weather in business growth and are falling short of funds, email marketing is a strong pillar to fall by. Letting your marketing campaigns slide to focus on the existing customer base is not wise.

In this article at Blue Mail Media, Robert Duke explains that email marketing is one of the most cost-efficient ways of reaching prospects. Apart from boosting operations, email marketing helps in measuring the success of each product introduced in the market.

Email Stunts to Swear by

If you aim to nurture your existing clients while generating impactful leads for new consumers, develop innovative designs of email marketing instead of using online templates. Often, email marketing is considered as the low hanging fruit. But if you plan engaging marketing stunt, then follow these best practices:

  1. Keep Track: If you wish to attain maximum revenue, measure the open rate of your email campaign to moderately transform your strategies. The author suggests considering the first-touch attribution which helps in generating business leads or multi-touch attribution that is helpful in moving the sales cycle up. However, the most effective stunt would be ‘engagement score’ as it helps in measuring the email engagement over time.
  2. Test Before Execution: Once the marketing stunt is planned, invest enough time to test its effectiveness. However, before sending the email to prospects, share it with a bunch of people who can give you fair feedback. It will help in identifying the flaws in your stunt and determine the target audience’s response.
  3. Open to Edit: Not all the campaigns turn successful, you may encounter a drop in the lead count after the campaign is released. To deal with such circumstances, focus on making desired changes in the past campaign or leading ahead with the lessons learned in the past. Instead of deleting all plans, do some editing or tweaking in the plan to make it worth brainstorming.
  4. Stakeholder Interaction: Keeping your stakeholders involved in all the action plans is beneficial. Let them know the benefits and limitations of all your campaigns.
  5. Repeat Stunts: Once your desired marketing goals are met, use the most impactful metric to bring the desired improvement in your overall business plan. Keep your focus on performing better than the present in the next email marketing campaign and bring out the best in you.

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