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Hit the Right Chord to Gain Customer Loyalty

By extending a personalized experience to the customers, big brands emotionally resonate a strong connection with them. Creating marketing services more humanistic in nature is the new way of building emotional bridges to reach target customers.

In this article at Lion Bridge, Cynthia Stephens suggests keeping each touchpoint to the customers effectively engaged via email or mobile marketing, social media, or any other resource.

Channelizing Human Connect

Human attributes are a big inspiration to brands reaping good returns as they channelize the genuine customer demand and forge emotional connections with them. Here are some best ways to apply the same art in your organization:

  1. Prudent Listening: Digital marketers have enough data on the buyers’ preferred websites, social media sites, and personal preferences. Use this data as an opportunity to uncover information about customers’ preference and to engage with them.
  2. Be Service-Oriented: Customer call centers are old fashioned, integrated service centers are the new fad. The service centers are evolved in customer-centric view as they aim to impart a real way of helping their buyer.
  3. Speak Their Language: Conversing with the customers in their native language is the real touchpoint. Analyze different markets and your journey for broken touchpoints and make required amendments to bridge the gap.
  4. Simplify: Being a digital marketer, you must be familiar with the conversational marketing trends. Make it easier and faster to engage with customers.
  5. Empathize: Strive to offer memorable experiences to the customers. See your brand through the eyes of customers and extend the desired experience to the end users. Broaden the definition of success by including what the customer wants to see, help them win a memorable moment of the buying journey.
  6. Be Thoughtful: Practicing emotional marketing by chance, on occasion, and as a well-crafted strategy are different approaches. They bring additional benefits to choose from and build further emotional engagement with the consumers in a much thoughtful manner to bring better returns.
  7. Apologize: Mistakes happen and there is no harm in accepting and apologizing for it. Acknowledging imperfection is difficult but it definitely helps in decreasing the chances of repeating mistakes.
  8. Attention to Details: Getting into details of the matter helps in building goodwill with the customers. Paying attention to the details separate you from the crowd and make your brand more preferred for the customers.

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