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How Good Is Your Social Media Engagement Rate? 6 Ways to Find Out

Social media engagement rate influences your product campaign success. In this article at Hootsuite, Katie Sehl discusses 6 social media engagement formulae to help you gauge your campaign success rate.

Calculating Social Media Engagement

When consumers are interested, they get more likes, comments, favorites, shares, tweets, clicks, etc. Use the following formulae to understand your win rate:

Engagement Rate by Reach (ERR):

This measures the percentage of users that saw your content and began interacting with it. Here is the formula:

ERR = Total Engagements per Post / Reach per Post * 100

For average ERR, use the formula below:

Average ERR = Total ERR / Total posts

Measuring reach gives better results than follower counts as non-followers reach posts through shares, hashtags, etc. However, the count can fluctuate. A low reach count can result in a higher social media engagement rate.

Engagement Rate by Posts (ER post):

Use the following formula to measure the number of followers per post:

ER post = Total Engagements on a Post / Total Followers * 100

Average ER by Post = Total ER by Post / Total Posts

For a valid result, measure follower post. However, your engagement rate can drop even if the follower rate is up.

Engagement Rate by Impressions (ER Impressions):

Impressions is another way to measure social media engagement rate.

ER Impressions = Total Engagements on a Post / Total Impressions * 100

Average ER Impressions = Total ER Impressions / Total Posts

The above formulae work best for paid content. However, the results are usually lower than those of ERR and ER post. Calculate reach along with it to get accurate results.

Daily Engagement Rate (Daily ER):

To calculate your social media engagement rate daily, use this formula:

Daily ER = Total Engagements in a Day / Total Followers * 100

Average Daily ER = Total Engagements for X Days / (X Days * Followers) * 100

It measures user interactions per day and not per post. This calculation can mislead as its result would be 10 if a single follower interacts 10 times with the content.

Engagement Rate by Views (ER Views):

Know how many users watched your videos using the following equation:

ER View = Total Engagements on Video Post / Total Video Views * 100

Average ER View = Total ER View / Total Posts

Remember, repeat views from the same follower may be counted as separate views.

Cost per Engagement (CPE):

To understand sponsored content’s social media engagement rate, use this formula:

CPE = Total Amount Spent / Total Engagements

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