Stumbling Engagement Metrics? Poor Design is the Culprit

To analyze the progress of digital products, retention rate overpowers the rate of installation. High retention rate means a surge in user engagement and that separates successful products from failed ones.

In this article at Just In Mind, Steven Douglas explains that the value a product offers to its users play a major role in engagement metrics. If the key benefits and designs are not strong enough, the product will fail.

Knowing the Unknown

According to a McKinsey report, 70 percent of the buying decisions are influenced by customer experience, and how they are being treated. To shoot up the sales, place a great customer retention strategy. This may also provide a substantial amount of revenue in the form of repeat business. Moreover, it is a proven fact that pitching for a new client costs way more than nurturing an existing one. Therefore, the best way to boost customer retention and engagement metrics is by playing with design skills:

  1. Streamlined Onboarding: About a quarter of users abandon a mobile app or digital product after a single use. This may happen due to a complex onboarding process. Therefore, keep the onboarding experience less invasive. Presenting users with a welcome screen or a series of screens that takes them through everything they can do in the app. This will be a great way to get users acclimatized and feeling comfortable to where they want to come back and continue to explore.
  2. Faster Login: Reduce the churn rate by making the login period short and easy for the user to download your app or digital product. This means each button, form field, and load screen in your onboard process comes with a definite cost of user retention. So, make use of social logins or completely avoid logins at all, if possible.
  3. User Education: Since the process of coaching the user has its own impact on churn rates, give your users a quick tour of the most essential features of the app. However, make sure the steps are limited. To avoid churn in the onboarding process, try to break the tutorial into stages that allow the users to explore new features gradually.
  4. Color Coordination:  Since color plays a vital role in user engagement, usage of the right color in the design will have a serious impact on each aspect of the digital product, including retention and engagement rates.
  5. Test It: As there is no approach that guarantees hundred percent accuracy or success, the only way to find what truly works for your digital product is to always test it.

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