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3 Valuable Metrics to Ace Content Marketing

Content marketing is the life force of a business and with a robust plan, it may bring unexpected returns. Thereby, as you sit to design a content marketing strategy for your venture, think of using it as a tool to build meaningful and lasting relationships with thousands of prospects.

In this article at Mark It Write, John Waldron explains that content marketing plays a powerful role in positioning a brand at a commanding spot.

Metrics to Evaluate Success

By analyzing some concrete and specific metrics, organizations can learn about the current market value of their content marketing. This data will help in improving content marketing efforts by objectively assessing it. Here is a list of valuable metrics to measure content marketing success:

  1. Traffic & Engagement: Evidently, traffic, user behavior, and engagement are some essential metrics that are vital to lead generation. Keeping a sharp focus on these will help in analyzing the failure or success of content assets in moving prospects down the marketing and sales funnel.
  2. Lead Generation: This is the area of focus to measure strategies ahead of traffic, retweets, and engagement. The lead generation does much more than blog reading on their company website. Clearly, they express their interest in investing in a bulk purchase. This is evident from multiple ways like repeat visits to the product page, or by downloading a piece of gated content in return for contact information. Make goals to determine how many leads you are generating from content marketing.
  3. Return on Investment: Neither all website visitors become leads, nor all leads become valuable customers. It is the annual or quarterly sales figures that determine the success of content marketing initiatives. Perhaps, sales metrics are the most essential to track, and it should be measured in terms of return on investment (RoI). So, work out how well you are spending and reaping the benefit of content marketing.

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