Internal Communication Emails: 5 Lessons to Remember

Emails are constantly considered as the top and most effective communication channel within the organization. A majority of internal communicators use it for diverse tasks including newsletters, driving traffic to social networking sites, change management, employee benefit schemes and much more.

In this article at PR Daily, Russell Working explains that developing a strong internal communication with employees may prove beneficial for higher employee engagement, improved internal communication,and a working employee advocacy program.

A Case Study

The author shares the case of a cybersecurity outfit— FireEye which was hired by the leading Sony Pictures to clean up the aftermath of North Korean hack and to keep the 3,400 employees of the entertainment firm informed of the publicity boost. FireEye opted to email the internal team about the upcoming program that acts as a cyber barricade for governments and businesses across the globe. The employees were bound to read and react on the information shared by FireEye, instead of deleting them unread.

The move proved beneficial and motivating for the employees to make them feel good about their company’s efforts of saving productivity. FireEye has been using PoliteMail software to track its emails and revamping its communications calendar. PoliteMail unveiled even minor details like who has opened, read or engaged with the messages.Here are some effective learnings FireEye drew from the data gathered with PoliteMail. Consider them to improve your internal email communication:

  1. Short & Crisp: Keeping the emails shorter and to-the-point is essential to save time and effectiveness of the message. FireEye used the same strategy and started sharing the concise missive linked to further information.They witnessed much-improved email opening rate that rose to 67 percent from the 57 percent.
  2. Bite-Sized Info:It is best to shorten the amount of news or information. Let the employees make an extra effort of clicking on the links to read more on the subject. FireEye also did the same and this led to increasing the email open rates by 10 percent.
  3. Send Fewer Emails:Even though there is a clamor to get emails out, limit it to a shorter period to gain maximum attention. This allows those seeking to push information to coordinate. Let the internal communication team manage the timing and scheduling of the information.
  4. Target Messages: Since every piece of information is not relevant to each individual working in the organization, aim for sending emails to target audience only. By target emailing to a specific group, FireEyehas performed 50 percent better than broadly focused internal emails.
  5. Vary the Formats: To keep the internal communication, try using much shorter ways like a podcast or video message. These strategies are paying off with better open rates and attention from the people.

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