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You Need These 7 DevOps Metrics to Increase Project Wins

While companies adopt DevOps for quality product delivery, DevOps metrics help accomplish that further. As per reviews, organizations introduced the approach to get better results than Agile. In this article at Knowledge Hut, get to know the 7 DevOps metrics that you need to increase project wins.

DevOps Metrics: Measuring Success

With DevOps, it is easier to develop products that are of better quality and have advanced security tools. This reduces the risk of product failures. Also, to keep customers stay loyal to the brand, you must deliver quality, error-free services, and products on time. How do you know that your efforts are earning revenues? DevOps does not have a standard method for its success measurement. Worry not. Following are the 7 DevOps metrics you can use to increase project wins:

People-based: While people are the most important part of DevOps, they are the toughest to manage. DevOps metrics like yielding, capacity, and response time are based on how your team members perform.

Process-related: Since DevOps is a process of continuous development, measure process speed and efficiency every step of the way.

Technology-centric: Your project success is mainly dependent on technology. Use DevOps metrics to measure their performance in terms of connectivity, support, and downtime.

A number of Deployments or Changes: Feedback is important for qualitative incremental development. Analyze response time, team coordination, resource capacity, development tool performance, and average productivity with DevOps metrics.

Finding Out the Change Lead Time: The time frame between planning to production is change lead time. Find out how error-free the codes are, how the development platforms work, and how good your team skills are.

Change Failure Rate Measurement: The goals for a DevOps team is to make more deployments with fewer errors. As your team experience grows, change failure rate should decrease. If these DevOps metrics are consistently high, identify the performance barriers at the earliest.

Identifying the Mean Time to Recover: This measures the time you took to recover from a failed attempt. You can do it in three phases—identification, analysis, and recovery.

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