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Dear Product Managers, Craft an Effective Narrative to Hit the Goals

It is easy to narrate a story and let the people forget about it. But it is tough to plot a storyline, and create good metrics to present it in a manner that leaves a lasting impact on the audience.

In this article at Tech in Asia, Crystal Chen explains the art of clubbing stories and metrics together to bring the best outcomes for the product managers.

Formula to Lever

There are various ways to formulate a metric that can help you hit the goal. In fact, there are multiple ways to benchmark the way to top-line objective like the Goal-Signals-Metrics process. It is a simple way to articulate the product goals, then identify signals indicating success, and finally, build specific metrics to track on a dashboard. The ‘goals’ and the ‘signals’ surface the people and the stories behind the numbers.

Take a Page Out

Those who may struggle with the story structure, they must consider taking a page out of the book. The method is effective in presentations or pitches. It is an epic way of storytelling that acts like an anecdote to knock off the meeting hall, leaving each individual inspired. However, the best product narrative does not leave a mark in just present, it becomes a path to get the desired result. The path is your metric while the progress markers are the key outcomes, motivating enough for the team to initiate its next big moves.


Like a story without characters is insignificant for all, a product narrative without buy-ins is equally irrelevant. Product managers may become show stealers by narrating the role of their entire product development team, business stakeholders, and others play an essential role in placing the product on the shelf.

However, the audience remains the utmost essential part of the storyline. They are the ones who will add value to your narrative. Thereby, it is critical for the product managers to remain adaptable to the diverse audience they may counter in their voyage. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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