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How Is Your SEO Performance? Measure with These Google Metrics

Good SEO performance is important for businesses to come on top of search results. Nevertheless, Reddit and Google recommend that you work on the basics to have organic traffic and not run after rankings. In this article at Search Engine Watch, Matthew Ramsay suggests some useful metrics to measure and improve SEO performance.

Metrics to Measure SEO Performance

For commercial success, online content marketing has become mandatoroy for brands. Use Google Analytics to understand the following metrics and improve your SEO performance:

Traffic That Comes to You Organically:

The more the traffic, the better the reach. Log in to Google Analytics account. Go to ‘Acquisition’, ‘All Traffic’, and ‘Channels’ to understand the organic traffic for a given period.

  • Traffic as per Landing Page: Some users go straight to a specific or landing page. Click on primary dimension ‘Landing Page’ to find traffic as per specific page or URL.
  • Traffic as per Geographical Location: To view the SEO performance of a targeted campaign for a certain area, click on continent, cities, country, language, etc.

Time to Check Revenues, Conversions, and Goals:

The purpose of an SEO ranking is to either create leads or sell your products. Go to the ‘Ecommerce’ section on Google Analytics and click on ‘Product Performance’ to find out your conversion rate. Check out the ‘Sales Performance’ for your sales campaign success rate. To calculate the number of signups or downloads, head to ‘Goals’ under ‘Conversions’ section.

Understanding Search and Local Presence:

For physical stores, use Google My Business to know how consumers search your business. Find out customer perspectives and their activities towards your business. The better the SEO performance, the more visibility you get in this area.

Search Rankings on an Average:

Using key terms can increase your SEO ranking but personalized searches can downsize that effort. Use tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs to tackle ranking issues.

  • Importance of Technical Metrics: Pay attention to the technical prospects of your SEO performance to get a comprehensive picture.
  • Search Index: Having an accurate index of your website is mandatory to gauge SEO performance better. Type in ‘site’ and homepage URL to find the exact number of pages in your site. Go to Google Search Console to read the status of specific pages.

Errors in Search Crawl: Are the crawl errors preventing customers from accessing certain pages? Check if the page has been blocked or Google is facing crawling issues. Go to Google Search Console and click ‘Coverage’ to detect errors and related pages.

CTR and Bounce Rate: Apart from the metrics directly related to your SEO performance, also find out your click-through and bounce rates. These tell if your listing matches consumer search queries and compare your products with competitors.

Compatible with Mobile Devices: Is your site compatible with mobile devices? It will improve your SEO ranking for sure. Find out how mobile-friendly your site is on Google Search Console.

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