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Are You Recruiting the Right Candidates? 5 Ways to Find Out

There are several ways to find out if you are recruiting the right candidates. Metrics and KPIs are the primary sources of measurement. In this Jobvite article, Kristen Hudson discusses 5 recruiting metrics to find out if you are hiring the right candidates.

Recruiting Right for Your Business

Thanks to various tools, you have a plethora of data available to analyze recruitment glitches. The reason behind giving so much importance to the hiring process is because these resources will rewrite the company’s future. So, following are the 5 recruiting metrics to understand your company’s hiring standards:

Hiring Quality: This is one of the most pivotal recruiting metrics a company can measure yet the trickiest to measure accurately. This metrics measures the additional skills that the hired candidate brings to justify the quality of the hiring process. Also, the time is taken for the new resource to get updated with daily affairs and work ethics matters.

Hiring Time: The average time to hire was 38 days in 2017, as per the Jobvite Benchmark Report. The less the time to recruit a candidate the better your hiring process is. Your efficiency in judging resources, relaying job details, and evaluating and interviewing them is crucial.

Conversion Rate of Applications: This metric measures the number of applications submitted against the number of applications selected. Some software applications display how successful you were in influencing the candidates to take up their job offer.

Hiring Sources: This measures the efficacy of your recruiting sources. If you have got better resources from social media networking, that is your best hiring source.

Application Sources:Gauge the number of applications you are receiving from every recruiting channel. This is pivotal to allocate budget in 2019. If vendors are providing you the right candidates, focus your funds on that section.

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