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5 Recommended Software Metrics for Development Projects

Software metrics figure out the performance and quality of the software or the team. Agile development teams require a different set of metrics, though. In this article at Sealights, find out the software metrics you require for your development projects.

Types of Software Metrics

There are mainly 6 different types of software metrics:

  • Formal code metrics are Lines of Code (LOC), code complexity, Instruction Path Length, etc. These are seldom used for today’s development.
  • Developer productivity metrics are active days, assignment scope, efficiency, and code churn. These measure the time developers spend on creating the product.
  • Agile process metrics are lead time, cycle time, and velocity. These are used for agile teams.
  • Operational metrics are Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) and Mean Time to Recover (MTTR). These reveal product performance and operability of your team.
  • Test metrics are code coverage, automated task percentage, and production defects. These measure how thoroughly your team tests systems.
  • Customer satisfaction metrics are Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effect Score (CES), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT). These measure customers’ reaction to the software and their experience with your software vendors.

Metrics for Agile Teams:

Leon Tranter insists that the software metrics you use for an agile development team must follow three basic agile principles:

  • Team Should Decide Metrics: Instead of the top management, the teams should choose metrics to improve their own performance.
  • Putting Metrics into Context: These metrics reveal only numbers. Leverage them in understanding performance and issues your team encounters during development.
  • Metrics Should Have a Purpose: These parameters should be measured for a purpose and not because your competitor is using them.

Waterfall projects would set the software metrics at the beginning of the project and teams needed to meet those goals. Active days, Lines of Code (LIC), and the number of documented pages were important. Now, for agile projects, outcome metrics like story points completed, product defects, and customer satisfaction are more important.

Software Metrics You Need for Development

  • Customer Satisfaction: Net Promoter Score (NPS) is the most popular software metric in this category. Improve your score from -100, where no customer recommends you, to +100, where all customers want to refer you.
  • Team Velocity: This reveals the story points your team has completed in the earlier sprints. It includes the number and size of the product features.
  • Release Burndown: The chart visualizes your development progress by showcasing how much you have completed and the expected release date.
  • Escaped Defects: Get to know the bugs that are still in the products post-release. If the number increases, rethink your quality process.
  • True Test Coverage: While the regular test coverage measures unit tests only, this metric reveals all types of tests. Unit, integration, UI automation, manual, end-to-end acceptance, etc. are some of the tests that are included in true test coverage.

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