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Understand Your Business’s Network Performance in 7 Ways

There are several NPM solutions out there to analyze network performance. There are metrics too to find out the state of your enterprise network. In this Solutions Review article, Daniel Hein discusses 7 metrics that would prove useful to evaluate your business’s network performance.

Investing Network Performance

With security and data breaches making headlines every hour, it is crucial to find out about a business’s network performance. Following are the 7 metrics to figure out business network performance:


This tells the maximum amount of transmission that can occur through your network. The more you maximize from the bandwidth, the better the network operations you get. A network performance monitoring solution (NPM) reveals the bandwidth a network is using and the amount you are using daily.


This discloses the real data transmission rate in different areas of the enterprise network. It tells you the percentage of successful transfer of data package.


It is the delay between the data requested from a node and actual reception in another. An NPM solution can detect and log the reasons for such delays. If latency is consistent or there is an increase, you have a major network performance issue.

Packet Loss

Through this, you get to know the number of data packets that are dropped during data transmission. The more drops, the more time taken to fulfill a data request. Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) identifies the packet drops and ensures those are transmitted.


When a data packet is dropped or lost, your network must transmit the same packet to complete the data request. This metric reveals the rate at which you lose data packets as well as the time taken to retransmit dropped packet. A dropped packet indicates a network bottleneck thereby a low network performance.


It tells you if the network is working. While cent-percent network availability is unusual, it alerts about the downtime for necessary actions. This metric reveals the percentage of uptimes and downtimes the enterprise network enjoys regularly.


This shows if the connection between the network nodes is working. Improper connectivity can hamper enterprise operability. If malware attacks any of the nodes, it can affect network performance also.

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