Leverage Benchmarking to Analyze Your Website Performance

Online branding is important and that is decided by your website performance. You will find various KPIs and metrics online but how do you know which are relevant? In this article at Business 2 Community, Charlotte Rowe shares how you can leverage benchmarking to analyze website performance.

Gauging Website Performance

Set up goals and reference points to start analyzing your website performance. After a reasonable period, you can compare previous and new data to understand progress. Below are the ways you can utilize benchmarking to analyze your website performance:

Choose Metrics Wisely: Traffic metrics can easily track the number of visitors that landed on your website. However, they are not foolproof methods of evaluating your website performance. Use metrics that measure engagement. Average session duration, pages viewed per session, bounce rate, and conversion rate are good examples.

Establish Realistic Goals: If you are confused about which metrics to choose, set a goal for each website page. The majority of the users end up on a page after it comes up on their search and leave as soon as they are done. So, do not worry if your blog’s bounce rates are high. Instead, improve your SEO skills to attract organic traffic. Check if your content is attracting the right kind of audience.

Benchmark Yourself: Once you have established the relevant metrics, it is time to compare your website performance. Compare your historical data against the recent one to understand whether you have gained or lost visitors. Compare against your competitors using the Benchmarking feature of Google Analytics.

Concluding Thoughts:

The purpose of benchmarking is to enhance your site performance. To reduce your website’s bounce rate, you can change the user interface that gives better access to different pages. Moreover, it is easier to focus on reducing the bounce rate per page rather than the entire website. Nonetheless, do not stop comparing after you have surpassed your competitors. Always strive to increase your user base and find ways to maintain engagement with the existing visitors. 

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