Do Not Lose High Performers to Burnout

Feeling drained out by the end of the day? Beware; it could be a sign of burnout due to chronic stress. Most of the burnout victims are not even aware of it until the problem turns substantial.

In this article at LinkedIn, Matthew Hatson shares his personal experience of several burnouts. It is not an unusual experience. About 20 percent of the high performers in the UK are affected by corporate burnout.

The Problem

Being ignorant about their health and fitness for long makes the high performers fall sick suddenly. Many accuse them of being a stereotypical employee who never says ‘no’ for additional work. Organizations and seniors are following three standard practices that are responsible for the burnout of high performing employees:

  • They put the top performers on the toughest projects frequently. The best can deliver the most significant project, but how will others learn to act? It means more pressure on high performers and relatively less on average performing employees.
  • The high performers pay for weaker or less efficient employees. They are bound to mentor the average performing employees while taking the risk of handling multiple projects. The reward for high performers remains more work and excessive responsibilities.

The Solution

Senior leaders can form strategies to guard their high performing team members. Here is a list of suggestions:

  • Allow top performers to occasionally chose their project. It will encourage them to reconnect with the reason for which they joined the organization.
  • Coach the high performers sometimes to remain invincible and mindful of their mental wellbeing.
  • Engage them with their peers by not burdening them with the work of a less competent employee.
  • Hire new resources based on their skills, experience, and efficiency of handling multiple tasks. Do not absorb people on the reference of your acquaintances.

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