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How to Track Key Customer Success Metrics?

Keeping a close watch over the annual progress chart of a SaaS company helps in deciding the future moves towards success. Hence, it is crucial to observe customer success metrics (CSM) and prioritize the next steps.

In this article at Business 2 Community, Burke Alder dives deeper into essential customer success metrics to act as a reliable indicator to gain long-term growth and scalability.

CSM Categories

Metrics are data to measure the specific behavior of the customers visiting a website, logins per day, etc. Here are a few staple success metrics that can help prove beneficial in boosting your company growth:

  • Financial Metrics: If customers are the essence of a saas business, then financial metrics are the heartbeat of the venture. The financial metrics give an aerial view of the overall economic position of the organization. It is a consistent indicator of the long-term scalability and growth of the firm.
  •  Health Metrics: It helps in identifying users who are influenced by the solution offered and may highlight the possibility of renewing their product subscription. There are many facets of customer health metrics to understand the holistic health of a customer. SaaS companies determine actions to improve customer health and retention by observing this metric. The customer health metrics consist more than product usage metrics like product adoption, customer engagement, and net promoter score, to name a few.
  • Usage Metrics: The SaaS companies must pay close attention to the metrics like logins. It is crucial to observe the internal process as logins do not act as valid indicators of customer health. The usage metrics play a vital role here in informing and improving areas of the business beyond customer success.
  • Team Performance Metrics: A team’s effectiveness determines its ability to produce the desired outcomes. The customer renewals, and the churn rate is directly related to team performance. Looking at all aspects of how an individual team performs, a saas company can analyze its situation and strategize moves to achieve its goals.

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