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Learn to Earn with Google Ads Metrics

The key performance indicator (KPI) is a smart metric used in the IT industry to track the work in progress. The online marketers can optimize KPIs to determine how successful is their pay-per-click (PPC) model.

In this article at Search Engine Journal, Adam Proehl unveils some undeniable facts on PPC measurements to optimize the use of Google ads metrics.

Way to Start Point

Google Ads metrics alone might not give you the required answers to optimize an online marketing campaign, but it can guide you with a start point to achieve your goals. Here is a list of starting point metrics to learn:

  • Cost Per Conversion: It is a simple calculation of ‘Ad Spend / Conversions = Cost Per Conversion’ that may not vary for B2C retail, B2B manufacturing, eCommerce, or another category. If you observe the cost per conversion, it is easier to identify which campaign is not gaining traction. Based on the observation, you may decide to revise the campaign, budget, or perform in-depth analysis to draw a successful campaign.
  • Conversion Rate: To calculate this, divide the conversions by clicks that an advertisement receives. If you start observing your conversion rate at an early stage, understanding the highs and lows of various campaigns will be more secure. Like cost per conversion, pay attention to the numbers to a more in-depth analysis and improve your campaign.
  • Search Impression Share: The metric is useful in identifying the average number of opportunities that your advertisement might get out of a 100 search impression share. It can help you stage your ad for every applicable opportunity. As you gather data to act over your advertisement campaign, do not panic or feel defeated if the number looks lower than the first month.
  • Loss Due to Budget: This metric comes from Google analytics. If the Google report suggests a 20 percent loss of search impression share due to budget, do not panic and increase your monthly spend to remain consistent. A significant gap might occur due to other factors like keyword optimization, ad copy, or low click-through rate (CTR). Strategize your budget after a thorough analysis.
  • Direct Conversions from the Ads: If the nature of your business demands phone calls or text messages, then set your advertising campaigns with the most lucrative options available in the category. However, make sure the campaign must address the needs of the searchers and earn the phone or text inquiry.

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