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Reassess Learning Metrics to Prevent Hassles

The Learning and Development (L&D) division in the organization is accountable for the primary effectiveness of teams. However, in the digital age, organizations are transforming their learning units into business-critical change agents.

In this article at Disruption, Sarah Finch explains that rapid transformation in the L&D without replacing the traditional tools may lead to mistakes. To make a difference, create a sustainable evaluation model. Select reliable learning metrics and use advanced tools for a measurement system that works well for the organization.

Moving Beyond Compliance

Learning is a never-ending journey that brings a positive impact on the work efficiency. It has the power to build new connections, boost confidence, and improve the overall work environment. Hence, follow these guidelines as you pick the learning metrics:

  • Data Metrics: Take the employees’ survey to draw a practical conclusion. Ensure that you have enough data available to do so. If only 15 percent of employees participate in the survey, the accuracy of results will be minimal. Maximum participation is vital to draw accurate results.
  • Stable Data Source: To judge the learning metrics’ progress, be specific to draw scientific conclusions from your data source. At the beginning of the project, implement the data metrics in six months, a year, or so on. Try looking for diverse sources if your data source is unavailable.
  • Project Influence: Ask yourself if your project is influencing the data metrics. However, it is unlikely to increase employee engagement or increase the amount that customers spend.
  • Reconsider Learning Metrics: If the selected metric does not improve business operations, employees’ participation, or address stakeholders’ concern, then reconsider using it. Learning metrics help in determining the next move with current or future projects.

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