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It’s Time to Find Out Your Brand’s Instagram Performance

If you want your brand to dominate the market, check its Instagram performance. 47 percent of viewers rank Instagram as one of the top ten channels to find out a new product. In this article at LYFE Marketing, Keran Smith shares eight metrics to gauge your brand’s Instagram performance.

What About Instagram Performance?

21.8 percent of Instagram users have purchased from a newly discovered brand within the last six months. B2C, C2C, and now B2B, are acknowledging that efficient handling of Instagram accounts can help them reach a wider audience. Here are the eight metrics to measure your brand’s Instagram performance:

Growth Rate of Followers: It is one of the most popular Instagram performance metrics and is present on the profile page. Your content quality, ad campaigns, published videos and their viewers, and user engagement affect the result of this metric.

Overall Engagement: The more likes and reposts you get on your page, the better the Instagram performance is. When your direct users or followers like a page, it shows up on their follower network too. Use the following formula to get an accurate result:

Engagement Rate = (Avg. no. of comments + Likes + Reposts over a period) / (Total no. of existing followers)

Individual Post Engagement: You not only must calculate average Instagram performance, but also check engagement for each post. Use the formula below:

Engagement for Every Page = (Total no. of comments + Likes per week) / (Total no. of posts in the account)

Individual Follower Engagement: For a small business, the size of the current Instagram audience marks your Instagram performance. It would be futile to compare your brand’s reach with that of the market leaders, though.

Click-Through Rate: Though you cannot link out to your website, you can share a link that will redirect the viewers to your site. You can also share newsletters, subscription links, links to new posts, and offerings. Ensure that links are not broken because that will affect the CTR results.

Growth Rate of Hashtags: Ignore hashtags at your own risk. The more hashtags your followers post or use in their accounts, the better your Instagram performance is. Track the popular ones as well as the ones that users have customized using your hashtag.

Engagement Rate of Hashtag: Instagram is more buzzworthy, thanks to hashtags. They help you reach out to a broader user base. Also, they make you searchable for people that are yet to follow you.

Best Time/ Day to Post: While Facebook is a hub for the boomers, Instagram is ruled by the Gen Y. To get the most of it, find out the day or time of the day when your posts are most likely to trend. Studies say that the best readable hours of the day are between 7 am to 9 am and 4 pm to 6 pm every day.

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