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Find Out Here If Your Onboarding Process Is Working Fine

A successful onboarding process paves the way for better resource optimization and aligned productivity. Gartner says that you can improve employee performance by 15 percent just by hiring correctly. In the HR Technologist article, Chiradeep BasuMallick discusses five metrics to uncover if your onboarding process is working fine.

Diving into the Onboarding Process

You have implemented several pioneering HR processes, but how do you know if they are working for you? Here are the five onboarding process metrics to find out how you are doing:

Rate of New Hire Retention: According to a recent Jobvite survey, 33 percent of American new hires are resigning within three months of joining. The metric alerts you of this trend and help create a better profile expectation for the next recruiting cycle.

Value Generation of New Hires: New employees need time to generate value for the company actively. Once they cross the stage, they should be able to match the organizational expectations as regards performance. When your onboarding process is successful, the new hires can transition soon and take up the required responsibilities.

Finding Out the Net Promoter Score: If the employee experience during the onboarding process has been good, you will get a positive result for the metric. Use your HR analytics tool to send surveys through text messages or emails to understand the mindset of new hires.

Satisfaction Rate of Existing Employees: If they have no access to corporate platforms and are unaware of guidelines, existing employees cannot maximize value from them. Set up better recruiting processes to appease the current workforce. Use survey and analytics platforms to find out the satisfaction level of teams.

Coverage Checklist Score: When you are hiring a candidate, you must have a list of items to complete within the cycle. The more details you cover in that checklist, the higher the score in the metric.

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