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Social Media Marketing: 5 Ways to Experience Early Growth

The best way to reach out to a broader customer base is through social media marketing. For better performance, you need to track the progress well. In this article at Social Media Today, Lucy Rendler-Kaplan shares five metrics that can help you monitor social media marketing for the initial growth curve.

Finding the Right Metrics

You have been in the business of social media marketing for quite some time and are already getting dividends from it. Irrespective of the nature of your campaigns, here are five social media marketing metrics you can leverage to track early growth:

Growth of Followers: It counts the number of fans, followers, and likes you have had for your posts for social media campaigns. If there is an upward curve in the number of followers, you are faring well in your campaigns. If visitors like your posts, they bring in more like-minded followers because your content is resonating with them.

The Number of Likes and Shares: When users like specific posts more than others, you know which areas they are interested in. It enables you to direct your campaign, keeping that area or topic in mind. Accumulating all the likes and shares, you can create an editorial calendar and distribute content wisely.

Traffic on Referrals: Social media marketing allows you to attract people to your main website too. The metric reveals how well you can redirect the visitors from the organization’s social media handles to the business page.

Customer Engagement: When potential customers begin to trust your brand, their engagement with your marketing campaigns increases. Find out your product and service keywords that are trending. Engage the customers further by joining in discussions on relevant affairs.

Sharing of Voice: It conveys how your mentions are doing in comparison to your competitors. You can find out who is heading the market in terms of social media marketing.

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