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Watch Out for Changing Dynamics of Marketing in the Digital Decades

In the past couple of decades, the digital market has completely transformed. For two decades, millennial thinking and innovations were the market highlight. The next three consecutive decades witnessed a digital revolution.

Now, with the onset of yet another decade, market experts anticipate dramatic changes in store. In this article at Workamajig, Esther Cohen suggest all the marketers must keep pace with the fast-evolving marketing scenario.

Power of Digitization

Many organizations and brands used to fiddle between conventional and digital marketing approach earlier. However, 2020 onwards, digital mediums of product promotion or marketing campaigns will take a front seat. The trend will continue for another two decades as technology will keep evolving.

Digital marketing is the ultimate solution to grab the attention of Gen Z and beyond that. Technology is cost-efficient and pervasive. Automation and analytics, which was affordable to big corporates once, has now become a commodity. However, it has encouraged the need to boost marketing operations.

Branding is no more limited to a product’s market demand. It must impact the psychology of consumers. The new-age consumers are gradually turning to brand identity validation. They rely on brands with a desirable identity to express their lifestyle.

Respond to Changes

Changing market scenarios drive the need for an instant response from the marketing agencies as the past changes and transformation expected in the coming decades will be profound. Instead of only hiring new staff to brainstorm innovative ideas or modifying the marketing pitch, change your work approach, and think beyond a marketing agency. Let’s understand how future marketing agencies must look like:

  • Embrace the changing scenario and be ready to act as the brand’s internal team, not just a ‘specialist.’ Get involved in the business more than just strategizing ways to brand image makeover.
  • Develop an impactful story and narrate it in a manner that clients find it overwhelming to invest in your brand. Even to attract and absorb the top talent of the industry, tell good stories about your brand and products.
  • Pricing should be realistic so that the client gets interested in your products or services. To survive in the coming decades, position yourself as an expert by investing in real expertise.
  • Uplift your analytics units with data scientists as technology is pivotal to thrive in the coming decade. Use technology to assist in enhancing creativity.

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