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Critical Metrics to Improve IT Performance

Businesses have experimented and narrowed down various effective measurements for productivity. Today, productivity can be measured at different levels and in many ways. But, “what do we need to measure?” is a difficult question to answer.  Industry experts have identified that measuring IT performance in the right way will help the organizations align the IT activity following business needs.

In this article at Joe The IT Guy, the author points out the structured approach to metrics and explains why metrics are so critically important.

Measuring the IT Performance

Consider the Top-Down Approach

You must structure your metrics in a way that it supports all sorts of IT performance that your business wants to witness. “Measuring IT customer satisfaction, or employee experience, is a good example because it essentially aggregates how happy businesses are with what IT does,” says the author.

Assign KPIs to Employees

In many organizations, there is a disconnect between what management deems important and what IT professionals think is important. One of the easiest ways to bridge this gap is through assigning KPIs. Industry experts believe that everything of significance must be measured. Anything that is measured will undoubtedly improve. The act of measuring your KPIs should enhance the performance of IT employees.

Measure Customer Satisfaction Scores

Customer satisfaction is the best indicator of effectiveness in support and service. You can collect scores in various ways, such as surveys, interviews, and feedback buttons. If customer satisfaction is the “foundation metrics” in your IT support, you must know how to improve it.

Business efficiency is built over time within every company. To boost the performance of your IT employees and retain your customers, productivity metrics should be an accelerating part of your conversation. To read the original article, click on

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