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How is Technology Impacting Recruiting and Retaining?

The hiring process in recent times is very different than it was a decade ago. Today, we are in a candidate-driven market where job seekers’ expectations for communication, logistics, and technology are higher than ever before. In this article at HRTechnologist, Laura Butler explains how technology is having a massive impact on recruitment and retaining of employees.

Importance of Technology at the Workplace

According to studies, 91% of knowledge workers revealed that they crave modern tech solutions, and 88% said that technology is an integral part of the employee experience. Interestingly, 84% of professionals mentioned that businesses today are missing out on opportunities by not moving to more modern solutions.

Employee Experience Drives Staff Retention

Workplace experience is a concept that combines technology, employee experience, and culture to drive productivity and growth. “So always consider: is your organization harnessing technology in a way that empowers people to do their best work? Or is your tech stack putting additional barriers in their way?” says Laura. Technology allows for a more flexible way of working that will certainly contribute to employee retention. Researches have also indicated that many workers choose flexibility over a pay rise.

Tech Stacks Attracts Developers

For developers, one of the most significant factors in evaluating a job offer is the technology stacks they will be using. Today, knowledge workers want to work in modern and emerging tech and advance their skills. Besides, they also seek opportunities to climb up their career ladder. Therefore, the tools you use as a part of your company’s core technology stack represent your organization’s ability to deploy and develop code quickly and scale seamlessly. This will help candidates understand if your company is a good fit.

Simplicity Matters

Simplicity is the key to a positive work environment. Creating a culture of simplicity is possible when you evaluate your company’s purpose, the expectation for each role, incentives, goal-setting measures, and organizational processes. Cutting out unnecessary complexities will create a better work environment. A positive workplace undoubtedly helps you in retaining the existing talents and attracting new employees.

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