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Here’s How HR Professionals Can Benefit From Workforce Analytics

An organization’s workforce is vital for its functioning, but they are one of the most complicated sides of operating a business. This is because employees present a variety of qualitative factors that are hard to put into numbers. It is here workforce analytics plays a crucial role. In this article at Forbes, the author explains how workforce analytics helps HR teams in talent management, recruitment, employee engagement, and retention.

How Workforce Analytics Benefits HR Teams

Workforce analytics will help HR teams to address challenges and opportunities more efficiently. With workforce analytics in place, HR teams will be able to:

  • Identify candidates who best match with the work culture and organizational needs
  • Determine the future organizational needs so that recruitment will meet talent requirements
  • Forecast high-performing employees so that the organization can provide them with the right resources to retain them
  • Determine employee engagement factors and job satisfaction to sustain a better performing workforce

Implementation of Workforce Analytics

Employee Productivity

Many organizations still talk about 9 to 5 workday. Measuring productivity by the number of hours worked is no longer accurate. This is because the current reality for many employees dictates that work hours tend to be more variable and flexible. Implementation of workforce analytics allows you to create a productivity index with different data points that will give a better view of employee performance.

Employee Engagement

Measure employee engagement, including stress levels, employee satisfaction, and employee’s belief in the company’s ideals with workforce analytics’ assistance.

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Early Turnover

Implement workforce analytics to measure early turnover. A high attrition rate is an indicator that things are not working both in terms of meeting expectations and employee satisfaction.

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