How to Measure the Effectiveness of Digital Workplace?

In the wake of COVID-19, remote working has become the new normal. To manage these industry changes, many leading organizations have implemented a digital workplace strategy. In this article at Forbes, Sebastien Ricard explains some practical ways to measure if your digital workplace is effective.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Digital Workplace

Track All the Changes

Transitioning to a digital workplace and effectively managing it are two separate things. Remember, this is not a “set and forget” exercise. You must conduct periodic process reviews and establish best practices to get ahead of any looming issues. For instance, measure how many people are actively participating during a company-wide videoconference.” If the turnout or participation is low, this might provide the empirical data needed to change up the format (i.e., including a question-and-answer portion, using more graphics or video during the meeting, etc.).”

Establish a Diverse Team

Establishing a diverse team to implement a new metric strategy has proven to be helpful for many organizations. Choosing team members from different departments will provide you with very best implementation strategies for every member of your organization. The feedback each member of the team brings from their respective department on the specific business issue to every team meeting will undoubtedly be useful.

Choose the Right Data Points

Most collaboration platforms provide a wealth of reports about the digital workplace. Choosing the data that accurately represent the business value is most tricky. Therefore, choose the right data points that tend to be both quantitative and qualitative. Run a survey to assess employee sentiment and ask employees for their feedback to bridge the gap from numbers to the real world.

Don’t hesitate to start measuring the effectiveness of the digital workplace now. By establishing measurable goals and objectives, tracking the progress, and then adjusting the objectives as necessary, you will propel your organization towards success. To read the full article, click on

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