Identify Purpose to Improve Productivity: A New Metric to Overcome Crisis

Purpose is identical to objective and is more process-oriented than productivity. Often people get confused between the two. In this article at Forbes, Rebecca Fraser-Thill defines productivity as a tangible way to accomplish a given task within a specific time frame. On the other hand, purpose is your intent to achieve something.

Indeed, if you go by definition, both purpose and productivity are difficult to comprehend, but if you imbibe both in your professional routine, the terms may make sense.

Purpose to Sustain Productivity

If you decide to accomplish a task, your aim should be to learn something new. If you are unable to finish it within a given time frame, it is not your ability but lack of productivity. So, to improve productivity, balance your act, and start tangible initiatives. Here is how to do it:

Analyze the Purpose

Are the efforts you put in a task relect in your capabilities? What kind of uniqueness can you bring to the table? Is it helpful in delivering valuable outcomes? Answer to all these questions help you gain insight and improve productivity.

Utilize the Time

Though the global shutdown has crippled the economy, you can take advantage of the time saved from the daily struggle in traffic. Make a schedule for the paid and unpaid tasks. Utilize your time by maintaining work-life balance and keeping your focus intact.

Aim to Improve

If you make a schedule and passionately follow it amid the COVID-19 lockdown, both your productivity and performance should increase. So, aim to improve and focus on disabling the hassles. Once you find the purpose of your job, overcoming burnout and achieving goals become more effortless. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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