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Social Listening Metrics: Pick the One Corresponding to Your Business KPIs

Way more than just a buzzword, social listening metrics are an alternative to consumer insights. It is a stack of information that can help you improve business strategy and consumer base.

In this article at Business 2 Community, Julia Miashkova explains that social listening is the perfect tool to learn about consumer’s buying behavior. It can help you track and analyze current brand value in the market.

Tap into Users Data

If you wish to use social listening tools to boost a marketing campaign, look for reliable KPIs within your grasp. Knowing your target consumers is the ideal approach to convince them. It is one of the most strategic ways to ensure your marketing campaign is flawless.

Nonetheless, the lack of research leads to failure of all business efforts. So, learn about these social listening metrics beforehand and select the suitable one that matches your business KPIs:


Observe your brand awareness initially. Reach is a social listening metric that can calculate your brand value by manipulating social media impressions. This metric spreads awareness about your brand without wasting time on data collection and analysis. Just by monitoring the ‘reach’ metric, you can get a clear picture of your brand presence.

Share of Voice

It represents the probability of the number of times your brand has been mentioned on social media. The share of voice metric indicates advertising initiatives. It helps you assess the brand value and online visibility in comparison to your rival brands.

Sentiment Score

It is the ratio of positive versus negative feedback your brand receives on social media channels. It is one of the most reliable approaches to observe customers’ reaction. Moreover, it indicates your brand’s health by analyzing its positive, negative, or neutral responses of consumers.

Share of Positive Mentions

Similar to the net promoter score, this social listening metric works with widely open public posts. You can monitor the brand’s value on social media by retrieving all the posts about your products, brand, or services. It helps in meeting desired brand promotion via social media influencers.

Number of Leads

It is an algorithm that works well by integrating your product description with the rival brands. You can say, it is a live feed of consumers showing interest in your product while complaining about your competitors. Just by keeping the consumers engaged, you can track social media reports and maintain a promising lead.

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